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An Extraordinary Bit of Serendipity!

The International Pediatric Spine Mission reached out to us this past December to see if we had equipment to help 2 children in El Salvador who were nearly paralyzed by spinal defects. We are happy to say that we were able to come in at the last moment to donate the sets they needed for life-changing cervical surgery. We’re calling it serendipity because we don’t always have what’s needed on hand, but this time we were all in luck! It took a bit of networking with Medicraft, our local Medtronic distributor, and Depuy-Synthes who donated the implants to make it all come together.

Dr. Dennis Devito established this organization, and along with Dr. James Robinson he brings a team with him to El Salvador twice a year. During their time there, the mission demonstrates and teaches current techniques in treating pediatric spinal deformities to local doctors so that they can help children who would have otherwise gone untreated. We are pleased that we were able to help support their trip this time around, but we’re even happier for the children whose lives will improve drastically because of a few dedicated people who were willing to go the extra mile.

Little Christina is four years of age and has Down syndrome in addition to her cervical deformity:


Here’s a look at her neck before surgery:


Here it is after surgery with her implants:


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